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W.E.B. DuBois School Reform

As a part of a U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) Persistently Dangerous School Grant, WEB DuBois High School in Baltimore, MD applied for and was awarded funding for the fall of 2008. The purpose of the grant was to help fund best practices at the school to move more students to graduation and also improve the climate within the school. Principal Delores Berry-Binder and her leadership team chose the Twilight Academy concept as one of the DOL Best Practices that was to be instituted and Access411 consultants started planning right away with overwhelming support from Principal Berry and her team.

Starting with 18 overage (16+) repeating 9th graders who were in the process of dropping out of school and all with many disciplinary infractions to their record, a team of teachers and DuBois staff started the program in August 2008. Each semester the program is growing as a very positive alternative at DuBois for students who need a serious intervention to get back on track to graduation. Access411's Senior Consultant Bonnie Erickson stated, “The benefit to the students is the extensive personalization that the Transitional Evening School gives to the students every day. The nagging and nurturing approach directed by TES Coordinator Ms. Cha’Bre Moore and her team is just what the students need to reshape their priorities and get focused on their aspirations in life.”

The program, operating year round, has grown to 29 students and Access411 has been supporting the Transitional Evening School with weekly support and some summer attendance incentives for students, who achieved perfect attendance each week, during their summer session in July 2009.

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